LDPE film scrap sale
LDPE film scrap sale
LDPE film scrap sale
LDPE film scrap sale

LDPE film scrap sale

Listing Number: 11087
Category: Plastics
Quantity: 500 ton Exactly
Deviation (+/-): 2%
Country: USA
Available for Repeat Sale: Yes
Delivery Period: 01/01/0004 - 01/01/0005
Seller's Currency : USD
Open for bids
  • Product
  • Logistics
  • Material: LDPE 98/2
    Product Group: Plastic low density
    Colour: Transparent
    Status: Live
    Size: 190x90x90 cm
    Source: Post consumer
    Source Group: From local community station
    Format: Bales
    More Information for bidders: We are a distinguished supplier specializing in LDPE scrap, recognized for our exceptional quality. Established in 2004 with our headquarters based in the United States, our global presence spans across 110 branches, cementing our position as industry leaders in the sale of plastic LDPE film scrap. Our diverse range of LDPE scrap includes Grade A+ LDPE film with specifications of 100% Natural, maintaining a maximum 1% tolerance for moisture, dirt, dust, labels, and stickers. We offer variations such as 99/1, 98/2, 95/5, 90/10, and a mix of LDP and LLDPE/LDPE film. Quality is our hallmark. We are committed to delivering unparalleled quality to our customers, placing utmost emphasis on their satisfaction. Explore ivorypharinc.com for competitive prices on LDPE film scrap for sale, film in bales, HDPE film, HDPE roll scrap, and more. Our LDPE plastic scraps encompass industrial waste and post-consumer materials, with applications spanning from food to non-food packaging. Our color variants include natural LDPE film, LDPE CAMELBACK, and BLUE COLOR - ensuring cleanliness with no other polymer contamination. Whether you require LDPE scrap for sale, bale, rolls, lump or other types of scrap plastics for sale, our company welcomes you. For detailed material information, please visit our website and contact us through the provided form. We are eager to serve you better. web: ivorypharinc. com| e-mail: sales(AT)ivorypharinc. com
  • Inco Term : DAP - Delivered at Place

    Transport Demand : Container Truck, Shipping Container, Tarpaulin Trailer

    Additional logistic information : 9AM

    Pick Up Address :

    Country : USA
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