Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans

Aluminium cans

Listing Number: 6785
Category: Metals
Quantity: 200 ton Approximately
Deviation (+/-): 10%
Country: Denmark
Available for Repeat Sale: Yes
Delivery Period: 01/10/2018 - 30/11/2018
Seller's Currency : DKK
  • Product
  • Logistics
  • Material: Aluminium
    Product Group: Non-ferrous
    Status: Completed
    Size: 30x30x35 cm
    Source: Post consumer
    Source Group: From household collection
    Format: Bales
    Description: 8 loads in total. 2 loads in week 40 (2018), 2 loads in week 41 (2018), 1 load in week 43 (2018), 1 load in week 45 (2018) and 2 loads in week 47 (2018). If needed we can be flexible with the weeks. We will load 24-25 ton per load. The 30x30x35 cm aluminium cubes contain no ferrous metals.
    More Information for bidders: Please inform the percentage of humidity and impurities that is included in your price offer. And how price regulation will be calculated in case of documented exceeded levels. As this will be taken in to consideration when selecting the buyer.
  • Inco Term : EXW - EX Works

    Transport Demand : Walking Floor Truck

    Additional logistic information : We can load 24-25 ton per load. The gate is open for pick-up Monday-Thursday 07-14 and Friday 07-12.

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