Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans

Aluminium cans

Listing Number: 6513
Category: Metals
Quantity: 75 ton Approximately
Deviation (+/-): 10%
Country: Denmark
Available for Repeat Sale: Yes
Delivery Period: 13/08/2018 - 31/08/2018
Seller's Currency : EUR
  • Product
  • Logistics
  • Material: Aluminium
    Product Group: Non-ferrous
    Status: Completed
    Size: 30x30x35 cm
    Source: Post consumer
    Source Group: From household collection
    Format: Bales
    Description: 3 loads in total. 1 load in week 33 (2018), 1 load in week 34 (2018) and 1 load in week 35 (2018). We will load 24-25 ton per load. The 30x30x35 cm aluminium cubes contain no ferrous metals.
    More Information for bidders: Please inform the percentage of humidity and impurities that is included in your price offer. And how price regulation will be calculated in case of documented exceeded levels.
  • Inco Term : EXW - EX Works

    Transport Demand : Walking Floor Truck

    Additional logistic information : We can load 24-25 ton per load. The gate is open for pick-up Monday-Thursday 07-14 and Friday 07-12.

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