Ocean bound plastic – a new trading opportunity on Waste-Outlet

Waste-Outlet, in partnership with Zero Plastic Oceans will soon make available a new trading category for third party certified Ocean Bound Plastic.

Around 80% of plastic that ends up in the ocean originates from land based activities, meaning that it gets in the ocean by natural causes, such as rain and wind, as well as the fact that a part of it ends up in the rivers where it finds its way to the ocean.

What is Ocean Bound Plactic (OBP) – It is the plastic that is abandoned close to shore or rivers. It’s considered an efficient way to protect the ecosystems of oceans and the plastic is collected within 50 km from the coast, meaning it isn’t actually extracted from Oceans. OBP is treated the same as normal Post-Industrial Plastic. However, for brands to make a stronger impact and tell a more specific story, ensuring a stronger impact on the environment, the OBP certification of ZPO enables collectors to focus on Waterways OBP  (in Rivers and 200m on each banks) and Shoreline OBP (200m from the coast and 100m in the sea).

The collection of the plastic takes place under 2 subprograms: OBP Recycling Subprogram and OBP neutrality subprogram:

  1. OBP Recycling Subprogram: When OBP is commercially recyclable, collectors can sell it to recyclers that eventually will make new products out of it. 
  2. OBP Neutrality Subprogram: When OBP isn’t commercially recyclable. The program certifies the full neutralization process chain with 2 standards : the OBP Neutralization Services Provider Standard which covers the collection and waste management of the non recyclable OBP, and the OBP Plastic Producers & Users  Standard which covers the compensation of the plastic footprint.

Waste-Outlet has chosen to partner with ZPO because their standard is transparent and public, and audits are performed by independent certification bodies. This guarantees Waste-Outlet users on the certainty of the claims that sellers are making.

If you are interested to get certified in preparation for this new release please check the OBP certification website www.obpcert.org or send any inquiry to contact@obpcert.org

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