New possibility in recycling: FiberBoards!

Along with the beginning of the 21st century, the recycling industry has been steadily improving around the world.


When talking about paper waste, it has shown a lot of progress. “By the end of 2018, 68.1% of used paper in the United States has been recovered to be recycled later on”, It is also stated that in the US, 33% out of all new paper comes from recycled sources. In the last decade, the paper recycling rate has gone up by 15% in the EU, from 55% to approximately 70%.


On January the 1st of 2018, China, along with some other Asian countries have banned all incoming unsorted paper waste from Europe. “This led to an oversupply of recovered paper in Europe and lowered the market price by 300%”.


So new solutions for the use of paper waste, like Fiberboards are welcome. But first, let’s look at how the paper is recycled:


When the paper is collected to be recycled, it is transported to the paper mills. There, the paper is graded in different categories. Then it is taken through a cleansing process, afterwards to be introduced into the paper mill. After the production process, the paper is ready to be used again.


Let’s talk about FiberBoards. In case you didn’t know, this is a type of engineering wood product, mostly used in constructions, more specifically for walls and ceilings, although it can be used for other things as well. What does it have to do with recycled paper? It’s simple. During the production process of recycling, the paper mill leaves behind some residuals. Those are therefore used to create FiberBoards. The residuals are 100% the raw material for the product. Also, after long usage the FiberBoards can be used to recreate the same product.


“The cost savings a paper mill could achieve could pay for the whole investment of setting up a FiberBoard production plant within 2 years”, Having a FiberBoard production plant would be considerably good for both demand and supply chain, therefore, it would be a great investment.


From an ecological point of view, creating FiberBoards from paper residuals, saves up more CO2 than creating these products from virgin materials.


What can Waste-Outlet do for you? If you’re already in the paper recycling business, you could collect the paper residuals, and post them on our page marketplace with all the information about it. This is how the page looks like:



Here, other companies/people can bid for your product, and after the auction ends, you can select your preferred buyer. Beside selling, on Waste-Outlet marketplace you can also find paper waste, which is the raw material you need for the paper mill. We have different types of paper ready to be recycled. 


In case you are looking to buy those residuals, as the owner of FiberBoards production plant, you could simply be the buyer on the listing in our marketplace.


In conclusion, FiberBoards is a great way to contribute on saving the environment, and a good business idea, but don’t forget to use our website for the better and safe services! uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. Click Here