Intelligent Recycling: the Story of a Smart Bin

Sorting waste has never been a pleasant process but somebody must do it if we want to live in a healthy environment. Some of us are conscious enough to do it ourselves, although it takes time and effort. Others just leave this in the hands of waste management companies. Unfortunately, only 10% of the world’s trash is properly recycled. The rest ends up in landfill and everywhere around us, polluting and damaging our ecosystem.

A Polish company based in Poznań has found an innovative solution for the process of sorting waste. They have created a smart bin that uses artificial intelligence to recognize types of waste and automatically sort it in different containers inside the bin. The product comes with a compression function as well, so after we dispose the trash, the first step is to recognize the material, then compresses it and only after, the trash is placed in the relevant container. Here you can see how it works

The smart bin can be used together with an app that notifies users or waste companies when containers are full, saving time and reducing costs. Bin-e can also provide valuable information on what type of products and brands customers tend to use. The pilot version will be launched this winter and will be designed for smart office spaces. The company intends to create an outdoor and a home version as well. They will start working on the outside version in 2018 and by 2020 the company plans to launch a kitchen-size appliance as well.

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