Fashion Industry and Textile Waste Collection

Nowadays, more than ever, the manufacturing of clothes, accessories and footwear is questioned, the eco character takes precedence over the price or the label and the focus is more on sustainable waste no matter the trends or collections.

A new trend takes more and more amplitude since the fashion industry realized the importance of collecting unwanted clothes: reclaimed textiles turned back into new material.

According to I:CO (I:Collect), a German-based firm, provider and innovator for collection, reuse and recycling of clothing and shoes, a circular economy industry approach has been created for a positive change. By turning fibers, yarns and fabrics back into new materials, the company aims to close the loop of production cycles. You can check the process in the picture below:

How does it work? The unneeded garments are being collected through an alternative collection system that takes place in retail points of sale. The company is encouraging people to dispose their unused clothing by offering discounts and other benefits. The next phase is the sorting process when items are manually checked and categorized. In the final step extensive recycling technologies are successfully used to transform discarded clothes and shoes into reusable products.

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In order to increase the quantity and quality of secondary raw materials in a circular economy, the waste management must create easier and practical ways of separation, sorting and recycling. “The key figure in the production industry is to design the products in a way so they can actually be recycled and thinking about designing not just one generation of products” says Annie McCourt, fashion and textile associate at the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

In addition to eco-friendliness, sustainable fashion implies the existence of customers that appreciate and realize the implications of fast-fashion industry but only through education and mass information greater things can be achieved.

We need to dare to do things differently in the future to improve recycling and networking through innovative approaches. Online auction platforms such as Waste-Outlet facilitate the selling and buying of waste or secondary raw materials in a smart and ingenious way. Using technology to provide better solutions for the fashion industry, we should all strive to invest in a brighter future.

It does not seem a formidable “bounce” for the entire industry, but a more careful and conscious retailer deserves a statement on a shirt. #Sustainablefashion




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