Discovering possibilities of turning plastic waste into fuel

Oxford University scientists are working on a technology that would allow turn plastic waste into the high-quality fuel. 

It is said that new technology can help fighting plastic pollution in environment. Only 10% of plastic waste is recycled as requires for recycling methods are too high. Recently European Commission set the new strategy towards production and management of plastics. Turning waste into the fuel would allow to decrease amount of plastic dumped in landfills and polluting environment, especially air and oceans.

The new technology already gained interest of GEM, Chinese investor, who will try to market and sell it. Scientists from Oxford say that new technology can work with unsorted and mixed plastics. Whole process of transforming plastics is called pyrolysis and it bases on heating the waste, which decomposes and then turns into dark and thick liquid called “pyrolysis oil”. Technologists tried to upgrade mentioned oil into petrol or diesel, and as they informed recently they did big progress on their way to success.

It is a chance to rapidly decrease plastic waste and provide source of energy for the future.

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