Waste in the ocean can be sold on waste marketplace


With our waste marketplace we empower companies to create a cleaner and better world!


We live in a throw-away society which is dominated by consumerism, and we are producing a tremendous amount of waste, and a high portion still goes to landfill in many countries. Our ultimate vision is a waste free world, where 100% of the waste we produce is recycled – a truly circular industry! For this to happen new technologies needs to be invented, it must be easy to find the right trading partners who can treat the material, and that’s where we come in with our waste marketplace. And probably most important of all is that we need to change our mindset about consumption.

Waste-Outlet is a digital waste marketplace where you can buy or sell your residual or secondary raw material, through a bidding process. Giving a second life to waste, by-products or excess material helps generate environmental, economic and social impact.


We are a team of Danish waste industry specialists and digital innovators who have worked more than 2 decades within our areas. The idea for the waste trading platform came from our own frustrations with calling forth and back when selling waste resources, which was also very time consuming and not knowing if we got the best price. On Waste-Outlet the whole calling session can be substituted by posting a single listing and bids will be placed without any more time investment. To make sure the right market price is reached we use dynamic bidding. We aim to be part of a positive change for the waste industry towards circular economy, to give a second life to waste and create more transparency and competition.




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