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We always love to see initiative towards sustainability. Whether it is individual or company, whether it is production or recycling, or just innovative ideas that push boundaries of imagination and inspire others. Recently, a young ambitious sustainable clothing brand came to our attention, and we are proud to introduce it on our blog since we share the same goals and mindset. Say hello to HJELT – sustainable fashion (and much more).


You are immediately introduced to the concept of the brand at their
main webpage. You get an overview of how many handmade products have been made, how many meters of the fabric have been upcycled, and how many litres of water saved. 


‘’Find your sustainable style – each piece available for purchase is unique, recycled, handmade, and contributes to a more sustainable form of clothing construction. Better for the planet, better for your conscience, fast fashion is definitely a thing of the past.’’  

 – welcoming message on the website


But what/who is really the heart of HJELT? Founder Clara Therese Borg Hjelt explains:

‘’The future of clothing is not in taking more from the earth to produce new textiles but to replace the current ideology that only brand new is best. As the world changes and our climate cries out for help, we must work together to find a lasting way of taking already produced, top-quality materials and transforming them into the new garments we seek.

By letting the fabrics lead the design process, HJELT is ensuring every detail in the garment is fitted with a purpose. Nothing makes us happier than finding missed opportunities in conventional design methods and we do this best when re-using industrial fabrics.’’

About Clara

Clara was raised in the countryside where she developed a strong connection to ecology, earth, sustainability, and animal welfare. As Clara got older and realized what an impact the clothing industry has on the environment, she began her studies in 2015 at Margetheskolen in Copenhagen, aiming to become a clothing designer. In 2017 Clara collaborated with an Indian GOTS-certified supplier that provided her with textiles as well as detailed information about the factory’s production processes for her graduation exam. With determination and clear focus to make the clothing industry more sustainable, two years later in 2019, HJELP was founded in Copenhagen.


‘’All the fabrics are carefully selected and inspected before being transformed into a new shirt, pants, or jacket. 

Everything is handmade and all materials are collected and stored in Denmark.

Construction, pattern cutting, sewing, and finishing are all designed by Clara.

Everything is unique, everything is created with both you and the planet in mind, everything is sustainable. Shop guilt-free, enjoy the compliments on your taste and wear your HJELT with pride.

Thank you for helping to save our planet.’’

  • Clara

Why did we notice it and why do we like it?

We saw this post on Linkedin and thought: ‘’This is a great way to reuse discarded fabric that many people consider the waste that is bound to be thrown away.’’ And we loved it! We share the same mindset about waste, we want to reinvent it and give a new life and purpose. At the waste-outlet we connect sellers and buyers to give a second life to waste.



It also proves that style can be achieved this way and you do not have to buy new pieces of clothing every other week, and if you do, you can make responsible choices and buy something sustainable, like this shirt.

Waste outlet: Can you describe the process of creating a piece of clothing from discarded sheets from jysk?


Clara: The first thing I do is examine and steam the fabric. I look for small holes, stains and irregularities so I know whether I have to cut around anything. Next thing is creating samples with the fabric so i know how it works, feels and in what direction it leads me. After that I go into the construction phase where i create all the patterns for the product I am going to make and when that is done I start cutting my fabric. The last part is sewing. I sew all the different pieces together and add the details and finish so it looks perfect. 


Waste Outlet: Can you talk a little bit more about your mindset towards waste?


Clara: It goes without saying that I want to fight against fast fashion and the huge amount of waste the fashion industry produces every year. Besides that it has been a mind blowing experience for me to work with discarded fabric because I have experienced a new design process. When I opened up my creativity to discarded fabric, instead of feeling limited, I found a new amazing sustainable design process where the fabrics lead the way, showing me possibilities that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. I think waste is green gold – I love that every product I make has a story, starting from the fabric I receive and continuing with people wearing it proudly. 


Waste Outlet: Would you like to send a message to traders at waste-outlet.com?


Clara: Keep up the green spirit and keep on finding new purposes for waste. Try to lower your waste as much as possible 🙂

We thank Clara for her cooperation and we wish her good luck in her future endeavors. Team WasteOutlet.

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